Good News Stories

Duffy team members’ days are full of interactions with our patients – some positive, some more challenging. Often, staff does not realize how much of an impact their small acts of compassion and kindness have on the patients and clients we serve. 

Luckily, Case Manager Cathy Finn collects stories from around Duffy and shares them with staff. Here are a few recent highlights.

In From the Streets

The Duffy Case Management team facilitates “In From the Streets,” a county-wide initiative to provide temporary shelter and case management services for individuals experiencing homelessness when the temperature drops below freezing. One of the most difficult parts of the program is when the weather “warms up,” and our case managers must inform folks that it is time to return to wherever they stay. Most often, this is an outdoor arrangement.

During this process, Recovery Support Navigator Chelsea had a breakthrough with a gentleman who confided in her that he did not feel safe returning to his previous living situation.

He told her he did not want to re-start behaviors he wasn’t comfortable with. Chelsea sprung to action and was able to find this gentleman an open spot at a sober house, so he did not have to return to a toxic situation.

Chelsea and fellow Recovery Support Navigator Mara went with him to his camp to assist in packing up his belongings in preparation to segue into a safe, warm new home! “If it weren’t for In From The Streets and the Duffy team, I still would not know what to do to change my life,” shared the gentleman.

Positive Lifestyle Changes

“Sometimes I’m still surprised that I’ve been able to go from a criminal mindset to a professional management position,” a client shared with his Duffy therapist, Sue.

The gentleman has spent much of his adult life incarcerated, but through his own work with the support of Duffy and other resources, he has moved to a much more stable lifestyle. He transitioned back to the community by going into Homeless Not Hopeless, and was consistent in attending therapy for support and stability.

He has put in the time and effort to maintain his sobriety, get back on his feet financially, and to hold a job for well over a year now. He not only has kept his job, but he is now working in management in a large retail store. This client has also recently gotten engaged, after waiting until he felt ready to get into a relationship. He continues to make progress.