Your gift to Duffy Health Center has an impact.

Duffy is beacon for those experiencing homelessness and at-risk for it; the vulnerable and marginalized members of our community; a special place where Cape Codders in need can find refuge, compassion, and support. 

Our mission is to do everything we can to help our patients rebuild their lives and get back on track from the most basic necessities of food and shelter, to health insurance and critical medical care, to mental health and substance use disorder programs. We envision Cape Cod as a community where everyone has access to quality health care, safe affordable housing, and a life filled with hope and purpose. 

Substance Use

Recovery Support

Duffy Health Center’s Recovery Support staff are team members who have lived experience with substance use disorder. They provide non-clinical services to people who are getting treatment for substance use, helping to identify recovery goals and assisting individuals in accessing services, resources, and assistance. They work closely with partners throughout the community to ensure that all systems are working effectively to wrap services around people who need them.

Your gift could support staff positions that are providing these essential services to our communities.


For Duffy patients who don’t own a car, it can be extremely challenging to get to programs they need to access, especially if they are over the bridge. Duffy Health Center funds a large amount of patient transportation, incurring the cost of bus passes and cab fares, in response to immediate needs for people who need a higher level of care, for example, going off Cape for detox or visiting a specialist in Boston.

Your gift could help cover the cost of urgent transportation needs so that patients get the care they deserve.

In From the Streets

Duffy Health Center manages In From the Streets, a community-wide program which offers temporary motel shelter and case management services for individuals experiencing homelessness who are medically frail or who need shelter from cold weather. Costs for the program include the motel rooms; security staff; and the cost for Duffy staff managing the program, including overtime as they are on call during the evening and on weekends. There are also incidental costs associated with the program, such as clothing, emergency meals, and other necessities for folks staying in the motel. While many of the costs associated with the program are covered by funding, many are not.

Your gift could help keep our neighbors on the street safe and healthy this winter.

Shower Program

Each week, Duffy offers showers to individuals who may otherwise not have the opportunity to take one. Many recognize this image from the shower program during COVID – but Duffy has always offered this service and continues to do so.

There are around 5-8 people take advantage of showers each week; these clients are the most disenfranchised, the most disconnected from services. This program instills dignity to those living on the street or in the woods; it also provides an opportunity for the Duffy team to stay connected with folks who need it most.

This program is not grant funded. Your gift will help pay for incidentals related to the program, such as clean underwear and socks, shower supplies such as shampoo, conditioner and soap, and toiletries like deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Medication Costs

The Duffy medical team often finds that the essential care a patient needs is unaffordable to them. Some of the individuals in our care are underinsured or uninsured and cannot afford insurance co-pays or the cost of prescription medications even after insurance.

Your gift could help patients access the services and medications they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Each gift to Duffy Health Center truly makes an impact on the programs and services we provide. Here are some of the reasons your support is vital to the work we do. 

  • Our General Operating Fund supports the staff and all of our programs and services. We can’t do this important work without support.
  • The Housing First Fund helps secure a place to live and furniture for clients who are unhoused. 
  • Our Bridge Fund provides assistance to patients who are in recovery and transitioning into sober housing.
  • In From the Streets is a life-saving resource for Cape Codders who need emergency shelter or temporary housing due to severe weather or respite for medical issues. 
  • Our Small Favors Fund gives help with little but necessary things like a haircut, toiletries, a meal or a prescription copay. 
  • The Building Fund supports Duffy’s mission and vision in tangible ways as our infrastructure grows and evolves with new technology, exam rooms and workspace.
  • Our Jeanne Marie Shriber Fund was created in memory of Jeanne.

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