Meeting Patients Where You Are

Access to health care can be difficult for people who struggle with transportation, who have medical, mental health, or substance use issues, or who cannot find a health care provider they can trust. Duffy’s outreach team offers a warm welcome, a connection to health care services, and assistance.

Duffy Health Center staff perform outreach at various locations throughout the community, including the Barnstable County Correctional Facility, faith-based institutions that provide drop-in centers for people experiencing or at risk for homelessness, campsites, motels, and other locations where individuals may meet. 

Duffy staff also work with law enforcement, state agencies, and other local providers to engage persons in treatment and services. 

We never quit. It may take days, weeks or months to get someone off of the street. We never know when someone will be ready. When they are, we are there.”

Outreach on Main Street, Hyannis

Duffy has been a leader in the development of a practical response to concerns of business owners and residents regarding individuals who had a perceived negative presence on Main Street, Hyannis. Working closely with the local police and human service agencies, Duffy created a coordinated system of addressing the needs of individuals most visibly in need of services. This outreach effort is an effective engagement tool for encouraging people to begin the process of engaging in services that will support them in restoring their health and rebuilding their lives. 

Humbled & Inspired

“I’ve been working at Duffy for more than 20 years and what has remained unchanged is the compassionate hands-on care that we provide to our patients every day.”

Cindy Glista, RN