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  • Hope for Housing

    A client was losing his housing because of a conflict with his landlord. Having experienced past homelessness, he had been successfully housed for 5 years with Duffy's support. His Duffy Case Manager was not going to let him fall into homelessness again. Finding another apartment was not an easy task, but after talking about how to maintain a better relationship with the next landlord, the Case Manager assisted this gentleman through the housing search process. "My Case Manager gave me hope for finding housing," our client said. With Duffy's support, he found a new apartment and has managed to maintain a positive relationship with his landlord, avoiding further homelessness.
  • “I Can Live”

    One of our patients who is staying at the shelter comes in for weekly therapy. He has had a tough time, with severe mental health issues throughout his life. He landed here at Duffy, and now receives his medical, behavioral health and psychiatry care here. He had been applying for jobs and not getting any calls back, and he’s been upset about that. During his recent appointment he received 2 pairs of Bombas socks, as Duffy recently received a Bombas donation. After the patient left, he called his therapist to say he got a job interview! Duffy offered a taxi voucher to the interview, otherwise it would have been a rainy 40-minute walk. After the job interview, he called his therapist to let her know his training for the new job would start the very next day. “It’s amazing what a fresh pair of socks can do for your confidence,” he said.
  • “The best thing I've done for myself.”

    Duffy's Spiritual Care provider offers mindfulness and meditation groups designed to help clients with feelings of anxiety. A woman in one of the groups recently stated, "This is the best thing that I've done for myself. Two of my health issues have gotten better because I have learned how to breathe." She describes situations that would have been very triggering for her, but rather than falling into old habits with her reaction, she removed herself from the situation and took several deep breaths, reducing her reactivity and giving her a sense of control. She states that she feels so much more energized and peaceful, after only 3 weeks!

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