Supporting your pathway of recovery

Duffy Health Center is a regional leader in treating alcohol and opioid use disorders in an outpatient setting.

Our services include: 

  • Substance use disorder assessment and treatment
  • Relapse and recovery support
  • Same day access to medication assisted treatment (Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, Vivitrol®)
  • Access to harm reduction resources including Narcan®
  • Medication assisted treatment for pregnant and parenting women
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Focused treatment and recovery programs for young adults, teens, pregnant and parenting women, persons being discharged from inpatient facilities or those being released from an incarcerated status
  • Support with accessing acute treatment needs as well as community based recovery support through Recovery Support Navigators with lived experienced
  • Support in reducing barriers to recovery through the assistance of Case Managers with lived experience
  • Access to Recovery Coaching for patients in our OBAT program

For an appointment call (508) 771–9599

Office-Based Addictions Treatment (OBAT)

Duffy Health Center provides Office-Based Addictions Treatment (OBAT) as part of our integrated care model. OBAT is a life-sustaining treatment designed to improve our patients’ quality of life through access to our multiple embedded services. OBAT additionally reduces the side effects of withdrawal and supports in curbing cravings that can lead to relapse or overdose. Our team of physicians, nurses, medical assistants, peer recovery support specialists, case managers, and counselors offer:

  • Medications including: Naltrexone/Vivitrol®, Buprenorphine (Suboxone®,) and Subutex® during pregnancy
  • Medication Management 
  • Primary Care
  • Supportive monitoring by physicians and nurses
  • Peer recovery support
  • Hepatitis C treatment
  • Access to brief intervention and long-term counseling
  • Harm reduction resources such as Naloxone (Narcan®)

If you are considering starting treatment for an opioid use disorder, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers helpful resources to assist you in your decision. You can access them here. For additional resources, click on the button below. 

Moms Do Care Program

The Moms Do Care program supports pregnant and parenting women who are seeking recovery from a history of any substance use. Program staff include a Certified Addiction Registered Nurse, a Licensed Therapist, and Peer Recovery Coaches who have lived experience. We assist women in accessing Medication Assisted Treatment and health care services, and support women in their recovery after birth with case management, counseling, and access to resources. Services are provided for moms by moms who have walked this path during their own pregnancy. This program is provided at no cost.

Moms Do Care services are provided by Certified Recovery Coaches with lived experience. These Coaches, who are moms, provide tailored support to pregnant and parenting women with histories of substance use disorder. This peer relationship coupled with clinical services empower mothers in recovery, or mothers experiencing active substance use, with a network designed to support their recovery goals. Our Moms Do Care team offers:

  • Recovery Coaching which includes wellness planning, relapse prevention planning, as well as creating plans of safe care
  • Promoting participant’s wellness goals
  • Access to MAT services
  • Guidance in accessing prenatal care and additional healthcare services 
  • Weekly peer support groups
  • Care coordination
  • Access to counseling 
  • Case management support
  • Support with navigating social service systems such as DTA, DCF, and emergency sheltering

Take a look at our brochure to learn more about program eligibility.

Call our Moms Do Care team at (508) 280-6597 to learn more.

RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group for Teens

RecoveryBuild APG is a 6-month outpatient treatment program for Cape Cod teens struggling with substance use challenges. 

Teens in the APG face their substance use challenges with the expert guidance of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Family Therapist, a Recovery Coach and a Peer Mentor with lived experience.

They can also talk to peers who are going through the same thing and hear how others deal with challenges in their recovery. The APG program is built to help teens achieve their goals and celebrate successes along the pathway of recovery.

The APG program meets twice a week from 5:00-7:00 pm at the following locations: 

Monday & Wednesday: Gus Canty Community Center, 790 Main Street, Falmouth

Tuesday & Thursday: Duffy Health Center Alternative Peer Group Office, 900 East-West Dennis Rd, South Dennis

Contact the team at (774) 487-5227 or

Humbled & Inspired

“I’ve been working at Duffy for more than 20 years and what has remained unchanged is the compassionate hands-on care that we provide to our patients every day.”

Cindy Glista, RN