A Supportive, Compassionate Presence

Spiritual health is important to wellness and recovery. Duffy Health Center offers spiritual care to individual patients and groups, helping patients find sources of strength, comfort, inner peace, and gratitude. 

Duffy’s Spiritual Care Provider offers: 

  • Compassionate listening to talk about emotional and spiritual concerns in a safe space
  • Practices that encourage spiritual healing and inner peace
  • Prayer, meditation, and spiritual direction to help you explore life’s purpose and inner wisdom

You must be a Duffy Health Center patient to access Spiritual Care services. Your Duffy Provider can refer you to the Spiritual Care Provider.

Humbled & Inspired

“I’ve been working at Duffy for more than 20 years and what has remained unchanged is the compassionate hands-on care that we provide to our patients every day.”

Cindy Glista, RN