Our Services

Duffy Health Center offers a range of services to meet each individual’s needs as they seek to restore their health and rebuild their lives. Through our patient-centered model, our team works to ensure that each patient receives all of the services they need. 

Medical Care

Medical care at Duffy is provided by an experienced team of doctors, nurse practitioners, Physician Assistants, and medical assistants. We offer primary and preventive care as well as chronic disease management, treatment for infectious diseases, and other specialties.

Many Duffy patients have chronic disabilities, including mental health disorders. Some suffer from trauma such as domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, prior history of incarceration and unstable housing situations. 
We help individuals address their mental health so that they understand the importance of attending to chronic medical conditions. Our mental health services are an important part of our integrated care model.

Duffy Health Center is a regional leader in treating alcohol and opioid use disorders in an outpatient setting. Our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program provides medical treatment, nursing management and mental health services. MAT options help patients maintain their daily life while reducing the side effects of withdrawal and curbing cravings that can lead to relapse.

Duffy Health Center has a team-based, collaborative approach to case management. Case Managers assist patients in accessing a wide variety of support services that help patients manage their own care. They provide connections to community services, homelessness prevention and shelter diversion, support, advocacy, and much more.

Assisting with benefits enrollment is the foundation of Duffy’s wraparound services. An initial conversation about health insurance often leads to referrals for housing, detox, counseling, and other services. Our Connections Case Managers have a skillful approach and offer positive support while getting clients the benefits they need. 

Spiritual health is an important part of wellness and recovery. Duffy Health Center offers spiritual care programs and services for individual patients and in group settings. These services include compassionate listening, meditation, reflection, and assistance in finding sources of strength, comfort and purpose within our lives and our community.

The Duffy outreach team works closely with service providers across Cape Cod to ensure our patients are connected to the resources they need in their community. We know that access to health care is difficult for people who struggle with transportation, who have medical, mental health, or substance use issues, or who cannot find a health care provider they can trust. Our experienced outreach staff offer a warm welcome along with a wealth of knowledge about the health care services and benefits available to our patients based on their individual situation and needs.