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Hymns of Hope

A Virtual Concert with John McDermott

This special event is a unique coming-together of three local agencies – Champ Homes, the Cape Cod Council of Churches, and Duffy Health Center.

We serve some of our most vulnerable neighbors here on Cape Cod – those living on our streets; those at risk of losing their homes; those who are struggling with substance use disorders; those who need assistance putting food on the table for their families; our neighbors who need our help now more than ever. Our community has been faced with so many challenges these last several months, and we’ve been working tirelessly, day in and day out, to provide the programs and services that have never been needed more.

John McDermott, famed Irish Tenor, has previously partnered with Champ Homes for their annual fundraiser. Mr. McDermott will be sharing some beautiful songs with us. We are grateful to Mr. McDermott for his time and generosity in sharing this studio event.

Upon purchase of your ticket, you will receive an email containing a link to the concert. This link is yours to use indefinitely. We are most grateful to you for supporting this event through your ticket purchase.

If you are able and the spirit moves you, we hope that you’ll consider giving an additional gift. With the purchase of a $50 ticket, you will have the opportunity to download a recording of Mr. McDermott’s CD, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Enjoy!

Questions? Contact us at

To learn more about the collaborating organizations and the services they provide to our community, listen to this episode of Health Matters: Cape Cod featuring leaders from each organization.

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