February 17, 2016

One Dollar. 10 JR. FROSTY™ Treats. A world of difference.

Duffy Health Center and Wendy’s Cape Cod and Plymouth locations join forces to raise funds to support services for the homeless across Cape Cod. Love Frostys? […]
January 27, 2016

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

You can prevent cervical cancer. If it weren’t for a woman named Sandy, Brenda T. might have a very different story to tell. Two years ago, […]
January 14, 2016

Sugary drinks are not so sweet for your health

You swill down that 12-ounce can of cola – all 136 calories.

Here’s what happens next.

Your pancreas is put on alert and begins creating insulin in response to the sugar. Within 20 minutes, your blood sugar levels spike and your liver turns the sugar into fat for storage. Eventually, your body experiences a blood sugar crash, which often motivates you to reach for another soda or some other sweet.

January 6, 2016

Paying it Forward and Poetry

Recently, three clients were in the waiting room, waiting for appointments. All three are well known to us, one gentleman is homeless, and one is temporarily housed and one has had past experiences of homelessness.

Two of the men started to talk; often folks sitting in the Duffy waiting room pick up conversations to pass the time, more so than in any other doctor’s office I’ve ever been to.

December 23, 2015

In from the Streets

Every day at Duffy, before the first patient comes in, we hold a short huddle of all the staff to align ourselves with our patients’ needs for the day. We review a number of things, including hospital discharges from the day before. We know that sometimes a patient who is “discharged to home” and in need of respite has no home to go to. When this is said in huddle it is often followed by a moment of silence. What is there to say? We have said it before: How will they live (literally)? How can we keep them healthy when their home is a tent or even a doorway? How will their wounds heal? There’s no such thing as a sterile dressing in a campsite or bed rest in a sleeping bag on the ground.

December 17, 2015

Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Service at Federated Church in Hyannis Honors Homeless on the Longest Night of the Year. Annual Homeless Persons Memorial Day Service begins on Village Green, Monday […]