Good News Stories

A Winning Combination

Therapist Amanda, who is embedded on our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) team, has been seeing a young man who found his way to her through the courts. When she did his intake, they talked about his taking meds in the past to help with attention deficit disorder (ADD). “When I’m not on my meds I go to jail, but when I’m on meds I do what I need to do,” he shared.  

Hearing the impact his ADD has had on his life, Amanda suggested he discuss it with his new provider. When he saw his primary care physician at Duffy, they discussed his needs and he was prescribed the appropriate medication for his ADD.

The next time he saw Amanda, he told her about it: “I just got a 2nd job, and I feel like I can concentrate on both.” Proof that when we all work together – with our patients – we can change lives!

Duffy team members’ days are full of interactions with our patients – some positive, some challenging. Often, staff does not realize how much of an impact their small acts of compassion and kindness have on the patients and clients we serve. Luckily, Case Manager Cathy Finn collects good news stories from around Duffy to remind us all of the impact we have.