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Meet Catherine ReynoldsCatherine Reynolds

A Meaningful Contribution to the Community

"I’ve witnessed how the Duffy team truly makes a difference on Cape Cod, and I want to be part of that difference.”

Catherine Reynolds
Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Andrew L. Singer, Esq., President
Duncan Macallister, Vice President
Janet Feeney, Treasurer
Jerry Forman, Esq., Clerk


Bill Agel, MD
Susan Belekewicz
Mary Bianchini
Kathleen Bresette
Diane Driscoll
Gregory Everson
Gail Frieswick
Chet Mohr, MD
John Murphy
Joe Perkins
Mary Rahal
Gene Skidmore
Ellen Wendell

Honorary Directors

Herbert Mathewson, MD
Neil Ringler, DDS